Dearest friends and family,

We hope you are safe and healthy and hunkering down until life
can return to normal.

We are cancelling our May 15th More Joy concert out of necessity
to keep everyone healthy, including the band members.
We will refund everyone who has already bought tickets.

Our next concert at the Oakmont Berger Auditorium is scheduled for
August 22nd, so we hope you will come to that one instead.
It is sponsored by Oakmont Lifelong Learning.

In the meantime, we hope your troubles will  “sail away” and that you remember your friendships are precious, just as in the music theme song from the movie “Toy Story”, “You have a friend in me”.

More Joy Rehearsal – Sail Away Cover

Look out for each other and take special care of yourselves.
We hope to see you real soon.

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